KING KONG had its World Premiere at Melbourne’s Regent Theatre on 15 June 2013, and garnered rave reviews from the critics: 

‘An eye-popping spectacle’ Herald Sun

‘a magnificent achievement’ The Age

‘KING KONG has redefined the musical’ The Australian

Five years in the making, KING KONG featured a cast of more than 50 actors, singers, dancers and circus performers, and a team of puppeteers who brought to life one of the most technologically advanced puppets in the world – a one-tonne, six-metre tall silverback gorilla.

It showcases dazzling choreography, traditional puppetry, breathtaking circus skills and advanced animatronics as it brings to life on stage one of the most romantic and timeless love stories of our time.

Kong, the six metre tall silverback, is designed by Sonny Tilders, the mastermind behind the amazing animatronic dinosaurs and dragons in Global Creatures‘ two previous productions, ‘Walking With Dinosaurs The Arena Spectacular‘ and ‘How To Train Your Dragon Arena Spectacular‘. 

The most ambitious theatrical event of the decade, this astounding new multi-million dollar production inspires wonder, romance and a sense of adventure, and redefines the way we experience musical theatre.

KING KONG is authorised by the Merian C Cooper estate.