AWE-INSPIRING. MAGICAL. DYNAMIC. Global Creatures is at the forefront of innovative stagecraft, brilliant storytelling and spectacular theatricality.

Global Creatures is a unique and visionary international entertainment group involved in the creation, development and touring of imaginative and exciting theatre productions.

The relatively young Australian-based company is raising the bar in live performance through collaboration, artistic rigour and a spirit of adventure. It is a truly ground-breaking entertainment group that enables diverse talents to take risks and to dream big. The company is taking its theatrical innovation and ideas to the world.

Global Creatures prides itself on giving voice to experienced practitioners and a new generation of talent committed to achieving visually astonishing, emotionally-powerful and inspiring live shows. With the company’s combination of enterprise, specialist skills and ambition, it is setting new technological and theatrical benchmarks while pointing to a brave new world of wonder and enchantment steeped in tradition and inventive storytelling.

Global Creatures’ first venture was WALKING WITH DINOSAURS – THE ARENA SPECTACULAR. Based on the eponymous award-winning BBC-TV series, the live show was developed through the integration of state-of-the-art animatronics, bold leaps of faith and traditional forms of theatre design and practice.

A production of epic proportion, Global Creatures’ Walking With Dinosaurs was conceived and developed in Australia and made its international debut in 2007. The show has since toured the world and become a phenomenal global success story.

Global Creatures is proud of its strategic partnership with the Creature Technology Company (CTC). CTC designs and builds cutting edge, innovative animatronics to create dynamic puppetry performances. Formed in 2006 to create full-scale naturalistic dinosaurs for Walking with Dinosaurs – the Arena Spectacular, CTC now produces extraordinary creatures for theatrical productions around the world. CTC is at the vanguard of animatronic design and automation technology. For more information on CTC visit

Global Creatures’ second production, HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON LIVE SPECTACULAR, finished a North American tour in 2013 after successful seasons in Australia and New Zealand. The co-production with Dreamworks Theatricals further revealed Global Creatures’ ingenuity and visual prowess in bringing mythical dragons to vivid life.

In a fitting partnership, Global Creatures joined forces with The National Theatre of Great Britain to produce the Australian premiere season of the acclaimed Tony Award-winning theatre show, WAR HORSE.  The intimate and epic production presents a seamless blend of exceptional puppetry, fine acting and authentic storytelling.

Five years in the making, the ground-breaking theatre production KING KONG had its world premiere at the Regent Theatre, Melbourne, on June 15, 2013. The multi-million dollar production is an extravaganza in every sense and draws on an extraordinary assemblage of creative talents from the worlds of theatre, music, puppetry, animatronics, opera, circus, cabaret, dance and design. The show’s “leading man” is arguably the most authentic, technologically-advanced puppet in the world. Audiences have been stunned and spellbound by Kong’s life-like attributes, both physical and emotional.

In one of the most exciting creative and producing partnerships on the world stage, Global Creatures joined with Bazmark to bring STRICTLY BALLROOM THE MUSICAL to the stage. The show faithfully re-ignites Baz Luhrmann’s popular 1992 hit Australian film Strictly Ballroom as a dynamic and immediate live show. Strictly Ballroom The Musical had its global premiere at the Sydney Lyric, Sydney, on 12 April 2014, directed by Baz Luhrmann and designed by Catherine Martin. 

The first UK staging of STRICTLY BALLROOM THE MUSICAL is to premiere at the West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds in November 2016 and will be directed and choreographed by Drew McOnie. The UK production is confirmed to open in Toronto, Canada as part of the Mirvish Theatre Season 2016-2017.